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Tax Returns

There are two types of tax returns: a Self Assessment Tax Return or a Corporate Tax Return. Depending on the nature of your business and your role, you may be required to submit one or both tax returns to HMRC on an annual basis.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

If you are a self employed individual, part of a partnership, or a director of a company you are required to submit an annual self assessment to HMRC.

Corporate Tax Returns

If your company or organisation is liable for Corporation Tax you'll have to file a Company Tax Return for each accounting period to HMRC. Generally, you must file a return even if your company or organisation hasn't made any taxable profits.

Whilst our staff are not tax specialists, we are able to provide assistance with the registration, preparation and submission of both Self Assessment and Corporate Tax Returns to HMRC and act as an agent, on your behalf, in regards to any tax queries.